Special Issue on “Semantic Variability” in Inquiry

“Semantic Variability”, the special issue that I edited together with Alexander Dinges and Julia Zakkou for the DFG research network The Semantics and Meta-Semantics of Context-Sensitive Language has now found its final home in “Inquiry”. I am really glad to see it finally out!

We received so many fantastic papers by exciting scholars in linguistics and the philosophy of language that it ended up as a double issue with a really nice line-up. You can access the first issue here and the second here. Some of the papers are open access. If you cannot access a paper that interests you, please do get in touch with me.

A big thank you to all network members, to all the people at Inquiry for their help and support, to the authors, and, especially, to all the researchers who generously agreed to act as referees.

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