Upcoming talks

  • Validity in Context. Logical Pluralism and 2D-Semantics
    TULIPS–The Utrecht Logic in Progress Series, 22. September 2020, online [ext.link]
  • A monist guide to logical pluralism
    XXV. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Philosophie, 6.–9. September, Erlangen [ext.link]. (postponed due to Sars-Cov-2 pandemic)
  • A monist guide to logical pluralism
    European Congress of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP 10), 24.–28. August, Utrecht (moved online) [ext.link].
  • Conventionalist Routes to Logical Pluralism
    Convention in Logic and Language, 8.–9. June 2020, Haifa. (postponed due to Sars-Cov-2 pandemic)
  • tba.
    First Bergen/Utrecht Logic Conference. 18.–20. May 2020, Utrecht. (canceled due to Sars-Cov-2 pandemic)
  • The good kind of echo chambers and how to find them.
    First Rhine-Ruhr Epistemology Meeting. 15. May 2020, Cologne [ext.link]. (postponed due to Sars-Cov-2 pandemic)
  • Logical pluralism and the dimensions of plurality
    Logic in Bochum Colloquium. 30. January 2020, Bochum [ext.link].
  • USyd-Utrecht Workshop on “Conspiracy Theories in the Information Age” 8.–10. January 2020, Sydney.
  • Anti-exceptionalism about logic and the dimensions of logical pluralism
    Workshop: “How do Logics Explain?” 17.–18. October 2019, Bergen [ext.link].
  • Truth in all contexts? Pluralist semantics and context-sensitivity
    Workshop on “Context-Sensitivity and Logical Consequence” organized by the SMCSL research network, 3.–5. June, Bonn [ext.link].
  • Disagreement About Logic from a Pluralist Perspective
    Bergen Workshop on Logical Disagreements, 28.–29. May, Bergen [ext.link].
  • Semantic Implementations of Logical Pluralism
    Workshop on “The (meta)semantics of context-sensitivity and ambiguity” organized by the SMCSL research network, 1.–3. October, Berlin [ext.link].
  • Logics, Norms, and Reasoning (with Filippo Ferrari)
    GAP.10, 17.–20. September 2018, Cologne [ext.link].
  • Logics, Norms, and Reasoning (with Filippo Ferrari)
    Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA), 4.–9. September 2018, Novara [ext.link].
  • How can more than one logic be correct?

    46th Annual Meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy, 18.–20. May 2018, UConn, Storrs, Connecticut [ext.link].
  • What does it mean for logic(s) to be correct?

    Meeting of the APA Pacific Division, Session of the Pluralisms, Relativisms and Contextualisms Global Research Network, 28.–31. March 2018, San Diego, California  [ext.link].
  • How can more than one logic be correct?

    2018 Joint Meeting of the South Carolina Society for Philosophy and the North Carolina Philosophical Society, 23.–24. March 2018, Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • Logical Pluralism and the Semantics of Rivalry
    Invited Speakers Series, Department of Philosophy, 1. December 2017, University of Miami [ext. link].
  • Rivalry between Logics from a Pluralist Perspective
    Logic and Metaphysics Workshop, 20. November 2017, CUNY Graduate Center, New York [ext.link].
  • Rivalry between Logics from a Pluralist Perspective
    UConn Logic Group Colloquium, 27. October 2017, University of Connecticut
  • Logics, Norms, and Reasoning (presented by Filippo Ferrari)
    The Normativity of Logic Conference, 14.–16. June 2017, Bergen [ext.link].
  • Logics, Norms, and Reasoning (with Filippo Ferrari)
    Pluralisms Workshop, 2.–4. March 2017, Bonn [ext.link].
  • Pluralismus und Dissens in der Logik
    “Kolloquium Philosophie”, RTWH Aachen, 19. January 2017, Aachen [ext. link].
  • Pluralism and the Normativity of Logical Consequence (with Filippo Ferrari)
    “Pluralisms Global Research Network Meeting”, 19.–21. December 2016 Bologna.
  • Opposition and Disagreement about Logics
    “Foundational and Semantic Issues on Disagreement”, 28.–29. October 2016, Bonn
    [ ext.link ].
  • Pluralism, Rivalry, and the Normativity of Logical Consequence
    “Pluralisms Global Research Network Meeting”, 11.–20. June 2016, Seoul.
  • Epistemology and the Plurality of Logics
    1st Cologne/Leuven Epistemology Meeting, 30.–31. October 2015, Cologne
    [ ext.link ].
  • Logical Pluralism and the Argument from Incoherence
    GAP.9, 14.–17. September 2015, Osnabrück [ ext.link ].
  • A surprising consequence of pluralism about logical consequence
    “5th World Congress of Universal Logic”, 25.–30. June 2015, Istanbul [ ext.link ].
  • Dissens über Logik und die Frage der Rechtfertigung
    “Epistemischer Relativismus und Dissens”, 15.–17. May 2015, Dresden [ ext.link ].
  • Logical pluralism and consequence(s)
    “Graz Epistemology Workshop”, 20.–21. June 2014, Graz [ ext.link ].
  • Die Vermessung epistemischer Standards
    “Neue Perspektiven in der Erkenntnistheorie II: Epistemische Standards, Ziele und Gründe“”, 23.–25. May 2014, Dresden  [ ext.link ].
  • Iterations of safety
    “Saving Safety? Problems and prospects of safety-based accounts of knowledge”,
    30. September–02. October 2013, Bonn [ ext.link ].
  • Strict invariantism and the variability of knowledge ascriptions
    “Saphir” Workshop, 27. February 2013, Bochum.
  • Strict invariantism and the variability of knowledge ascriptions
    “Knowledge Attributions Workshop”, 03. December 2012, Leuven.
  • “Wissen” im Kontext
    “Kolloquium Philosophie”, RTWH Aachen, 28. November 2012.
  • A presuppositional strict invariantist account of knowledge attributions
    “GAP.8”, 17.-20. September 2012, Konstanz. [ ext.link ].
  • Pragmatische Präsuppositionen & die Angemessenheit von Wissenszuschreibungen
    26. June 2012,
    TU Dresden.
  • How quotation marks what people do with words (with Daniel Gutzmann)
    “SPE 4”, 26. September–1. October 2011, Bochum [ ext.link ].
  • Invariantism and presuppositions
    “34th International Wittgenstein Symposium”, 7.–13. August 2011, Kirchberg am Wechsel.
  • Die Bedeutung(en) von “wissen”
    “Mittelbau-Kolloquium”, University of Göttingen, 16. June 2010 Göttingen.
  • Pragmatische Laxheit und Wissenszuschreibungen
    “geist.wissen.sprache”, 20. November 2009, Erlangen.
  • How quotation marks what people do with words (with Daniel Gutzmann)
    “GAP.7”, 16. September 2009 Bremen [ ext.link ].
  • Assertability or truth-values? Prospects for pragmatic invariantism
    “GAP.7”, 15. September 2009 Bremen [ ext.link ].
  • Die Semantik von Wissenszuschreibungen
    “Ringvorlesung Philosophie”, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 15. July 2009.
  • Nichtwissen und Fairness. Menschenbilder und ihre Methodik in John Rawls’ Theorie der Gerechtigkeit
    “Menschenbilder. Ringvorlesung der Fachschaft Philosophie 08.09”, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 17. December 2008.
  • “Quotation marks”. A matter of what people do with words (with Daniel Gutzmann)
    “ICQM2”, 16.–18. October 2008, ZAS Berlin.
  • Wissen im kontext? Zwei semantische Ansätze zur Kontextabhängigkeit von “wissen”
    “XXI. Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie (DGPhil)”, 15.–19. September 2008 Universität Duisburg-Essen [ ext.link ].
  • Scepticism, hinge propositions, and common ground
    “31st International Wittgenstein Symposium”, 10.–16. August 2008, Kirchberg am Wechsel.
  • Multifunctionalism via minimalism. A radical pragmatic account of quotation (with Daniel Gutzmann)
    “ICQM”, 19.–21. October 2007, Mainz.
  • Verwendungsweisen von Zitaten und ihre theoretische Erfassung
    “Zitat und Bedeutung”, 29.–30.September 2006, Mainz.


  • Comment on Anna-Sara Malmgren’s “Availability, goodness and argument structure”
    “Reasoning Conference”, 24.–27. July 2014, Konstanz. [ ext.link ]
  • A comment on Thomas Krödel’s “Implicit definitions and the application of logic”
    “New work on the a priori and meta-philosophy”, 14. May 2010 Cologne.
  • In what sense does the “knowledge rule” constitute assertion?
    “Workshop with Timothy Williamson”, 29.–30. January 2010 Cologne.
  • Three levels and a regress? A comment on Quassim Cassam’s “The possibility of knowledge”
    “4th Mainz-Frankfurt Kolloquium”, 11. January 2008 Frankfurt.
  • Reflective epistemic luck and the challenge of radical scepticism. A comment on Duncan Pritchard’s “Epistemic Luck”
    “3rd Mainz-Frankfurt Kolloquium”, 23. March 2007 Mainz.