Logical Pluralism and Logical Consequence

Update: It is now officially published! You can find it on CUP's website, here. I sent the corrected proofs of my monograph on logical pluralism to Cambridge University Press last Friday. Writing the book has been quite the journey and I still can’t quite believe it’s done. If all goes to according to plan, it … Continue reading Logical Pluralism and Logical Consequence

Special Issue on “Semantic Variability” in Inquiry

"Semantic Variability", the special issue that I edited together with Alexander Dinges and Julia Zakkou for the DFG research network The Semantics and Meta-Semantics of Context-Sensitive Language has now found its final home in "Inquiry". I am really glad to see it finally out!We received so many fantastic papers by exciting scholars in linguistics and … Continue reading Special Issue on “Semantic Variability” in Inquiry

Some philosophy of logic talks

I'm planning to present some of the things I've been working on over the past few months at the James Madison University in Virginia and the University of Bonn in April and June this year. The main theme will be logical pluralism but I'll also think some more about methodological questions and their relation to … Continue reading Some philosophy of logic talks

Workshop “Logical Normativity and Logical Reasoning in AI Systems”

The first (online) workshop of our project on "Logical Normativity and Logical Reasoning in AI Systems" is coming up. We are very happy that Sarit Kraus and Mark Jago will be our first speakers. Here's the program (times are given in CET): 2 November 2020 10:00-10:05 Opening Remarks 10:05-11:20 Sarit Kraus (computer science, Bar-Ilan)"Formal Models … Continue reading Workshop “Logical Normativity and Logical Reasoning in AI Systems”

New Research Project: Logical normativity and logical reasoning in AI systems

Natasha Alechina, Colin Caret, and yours truly recently initiated a collaborative research project on logical normativity and logical reasoning in (logic-based) AI systems. We’re happy to have received a small grant of the focus area “Human-centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)” here at Utrecht University, which we initially planned to use for a kick-off workshop in Utrecht. … Continue reading New Research Project: Logical normativity and logical reasoning in AI systems

Seed Money Grant Awarded

Daniel Cohnitz, Tobias Stark, and I received a grant to organize a workshop on "The social epistemology of the spread of conspiracy theories about and among migrants". Earlier this year, we already spent a super interesting week in Sydney working on conspiracy theories with some colleagues at USyd, so we are really happy to be … Continue reading Seed Money Grant Awarded

Paper published in “Philosophical Studies”

My paper "Disagreement about logic from a pluralist perspective" has just been published in Philosophical Studies. In the paper, I argue that it is hard, if not impossible, to formulate an interesting version of logical pluralism when relying on a semantic implementation of the intuitive notion of rivalry between logics. In particular, I focus on … Continue reading Paper published in “Philosophical Studies”

New Job at Utrecht University

"Utrecht_ (35)" by ~Ealasaid~ is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I recently accepted a position as Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Utrecht University. As of November, I will be a part of the Theoretical Philosophy Group and I am looking forward to working with a great bunch of philosophers. It looks like there will be many interesting things happening … Continue reading New Job at Utrecht University

Paper published in “The Philosophical Quarterly”

Exciting news: The Philosophical Quarterly just published my paper on non-normative logical pluralism and the normativity objection! In the paper, I argue that recent attempts to save certain forms of logical pluralism from  the so-called normativity objection (aka the collapse argument) by claiming that logic is not normative are not successful. The paper is now … Continue reading Paper published in “The Philosophical Quarterly”

Book Review published in “Language”

I reviewed the collection of papers "The semantics and pragmatics of quotation" (2017, Springer) edited by Paul Saka and Michael Johnson for the journal Language. It's a nice volume that assembles some state-of-the-art research on quotation and quotation-like constructions. The issue (vol. 95, no. 2) containing the review has now been published. The .pdf is … Continue reading Book Review published in “Language”