Workshop “Logical Normativity and Logical Reasoning in AI Systems”

The first (online) workshop of our project on "Logical Normativity and Logical Reasoning in AI Systems" is coming up. We are very happy that Sarit Kraus and Mark Jago will be our first speakers. Here's the program (times are given in CET): 2 November 2020 10:00-10:05 Opening Remarks 10:05-11:20 Sarit Kraus (computer science, Bar-Ilan)"Formal Models … Continue reading Workshop “Logical Normativity and Logical Reasoning in AI Systems”

New Research Project: Logical normativity and logical reasoning in AI systems

Natasha Alechina, Colin Caret, and yours truly recently initiated a collaborative research project on logical normativity and logical reasoning in (logic-based) AI systems. We’re happy to have received a small grant of the focus area “Human-centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)” here at Utrecht University, which we initially planned to use for a kick-off workshop in Utrecht. … Continue reading New Research Project: Logical normativity and logical reasoning in AI systems

Seed Money Grant Awarded

Daniel Cohnitz, Tobias Stark, and I received a grant to organize a workshop on "The social epistemology of the spread of conspiracy theories about and among migrants". Earlier this year, we already spent a super interesting week in Sydney working on conspiracy theories with some colleagues at USyd, so we are really happy to be … Continue reading Seed Money Grant Awarded

Workshop: Context-sensitivity and logical consequence

[As the event is approaching, I pushed this up a bit] This June, the scientific network on context-sensitive language will host a workshop on the interrelations between logic and context-sensitivity in Bonn. Confirmed speakers (so far) are: Gillian Russell (Chapel Hill) Filippo Ferrari (Bonn) Daniel Gutzmann (Cologne) Kristina Liefke (Frankfurt) Sebastiano Moruzzi (Bologna) Stefano Pugnaghi … Continue reading Workshop: Context-sensitivity and logical consequence

Talks in the States 2018

I will talk about the correctness of logics at a couple of conferences. First, at the Joint Meeting of the South Carolina Society for Philosophy and the North Carolina Philosophical Society, in Rock Hill, SC, then at the Pacific APA in San Diego, CA, and, in May, at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Society … Continue reading Talks in the States 2018

Context-sensitivity Workshop: Subjective Language

I keep working on context-sensitivity and I am excited to be part of the recently founded research network on "The semantics and metasemantics of context-sensitive language". Network member Julia Zakkou already hosted a workshop on "What contexts can and cannot do" in Hamburg, last April and there is another one coming up in Berlin this … Continue reading Context-sensitivity Workshop: Subjective Language